LAWRENCE CHOU (Movie Star/Simon Au)

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Vancouver, Lawrence Chou first developed his strong passion for music when he was a child. With his exceptional vocal talent, Chou won numerous singing contests in Vancouver and eventually earned a record deal with BMG in 1998. With two EPs and three LPs to his name, Chou quickly established himself as one of the brightest young singers in Taiwan, and was awarded the Best Male Newcomer award in 1998 by Channel V - the equivalent of MTV in Asia.

Chou further revealed his musical talent as a producer (or co-producer) on four albums by other artists since 1999 including Mavis Fan's highly acclaimed Jazz album.

Chou made his debut cameo in an omnibus film Hero in Love in 2001 and quickly won the heart of the Hong Kong audience. Immediately afterwards, he collaborated with the film's director (radio celebrity Gi See Gu Bi) once more and played the lead character in Merry Go Round, earning himself a nomination for Best Newcomer at the Hong Kong Academy Awards 2002. His recent films include the sensational The Eye, A.V. and Dragon Squad.

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