ERIC TSANG (William Lok/Willie the Duck)

One of the most celebrated stars in Asia, Eric Tsang is a dramatic actor who has appeared in over 130 movies - he also moonlights as a TV gameshow host. Tsang began his career as a martial arts stuntman in the movies. He then went on to direct such Kung Fu classics as The Challenger and The Loot before establishing himself as one of Hong Kong's most gifted comedians.

His performance in Peter Chan's Comrades: Almost A Love Story earned him a Best Supporting Actor trophy at the Hong Kong Film Awards. In 1989, he was cast in director Wayne Wang's film Eat A Bowl Of Tea, which received a worldwide release. His many acting credits include the Hong Kong and international box office sensation, Infernal Affairs.

The multi-talented Tsang has also written and produced numerous Chinese films.

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