CHANG TSENG (Mr. Yen) is a major star, respected director, and extravagantly successful producer in his native Hong Kong. After more than 50 years of working in virtually every area of film and television, Chang packed his bags, moved to Canada, and began working as an actor on North American screens, small and large.

Here since 1994, he has landed colourful character roles on such films as Shanghai Noon and Romeo Must Die. Meanwhile, he writes a column for a Vancouver paper, and has a regular spot on Chinese Radio, for which he also does Mandarin language programming. To top it off, he has also authored several non-fiction books.

The Beijing-born actor made a name for himself by starring in what are now considered classics -- The Family and Ming Fong. With new found fame, he moved on to bigger features, Rose Cliff, Romance of Snow Land, Golden Eagle and South Sea Surf. By the late 60s, he forged a deal writing, directing and producing for the Great Wall Movie Entertainment Company. He starred in his directorial debut, The Whirlpool, which sold out in theatres, and he followed this hit by directing a A Pregnant Crisis and The Cuckoo Flower. He also directed documentaries, such as The National Minority Sports Games of China and some travelogue-type films.

His many television credits include Chameleon, March to Tiger Mountain, Reefer Madness, Murdoch Mysteries, Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital, L'Or and These Arms of Mine. Recent features include Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Hyde, Cheaters with Mary Tyler Moore and Martin Lawrence, Mina Shum's Long Life, Prosperity, and Happiness, for which he received a nomination for a 2003 Best Supporting Actor Leo Award, Agent Cody Banks ; The Inlaws with Michael Douglas and Albert Brooks, Rage to Reason, and the Chinese film Bamboo Shoot opposite John Lone and Coco Lee.

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